Sunday, December 18, 2005

Word of the week: Lordosis

Lordosis behavior is a sexual response during estrus in certain female animals, such as mice and cats, that consists of a downwards arching of the spine. Lordosis aids in copulation, as it elevates the female genitals so the male can more easily mate with the female. Guess what can stimulate lordosis!


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

MC Hawking and more...

It occured to me that some of you may not know about this guy! MCHawking is the baddest physics rapper. Sounds lame? The beats are good, and the lyrics are phat:
"Fuck the damn creationists I say it with authority,
because kicking their punk asses be me paramount priority.
Them wack-ass bitches say, "evolution's just a theory",
they best step off, them brainless fools, I'll give them cause to fear me.
The cosmos is expanding every second, every day,
but their minds are shrinking as they close their eyes and pray.
They call their bullshit science like the word could give them cred,
if them bitches be scientists then cap me in the head."

Totally unrelated, but i pulled this gem from slashdot commenting on recent stories about transgenic mice: "so just for the record, we can make super strong fearless immortal mice that can sing, regenerate body parts, sniff out landmines, and have partial human brains. scientists don't mod their computer cases, they mod their mice!"


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Genetically engineered man-hoes

Progesterone receptor KO in mouse have been done a long time ago. We know they make infertile females that can't ovulate. But nobody had bothered to take a good look at the males since progesterone is not really our thing. Although their general morphology is normal, these males seem to be sex fiends. PRKOs showed a significantly reduced latency to mount and increased likelihood of achieving ejaculation, increased mount and intromission frequency and decreased latency to intromission. These guys are doing it more and without breaks. So if anyone is interested I've got a stockpile of RU-486 in the freezer for 50$ a pop.