Monday, November 28, 2005

Geeks meet geeks

Seeking romance

#1 I've been single-stranded too long! Lonely ATGCATG would like to pair up
with congenital TACGTAC.

#2 Menage a trois! Ligands seeks two receptors into binding and
mutual phosphorylation. Let's get together and transduce some signals.

#3 Some dates have called me a promotor. Others have referred to me as a
real operator. Personally, I think I'm just a cute piece of DNA who is still
looking for that special transcription factor to help me unwind.

#4 Highly sensitive, orally active small molecule seeks
stable well-structured receptor who knows size isn't everything.

#5 There must be a rational way to meet a date! I'm tired of hanging out in
those molecular diversity bars, hoping to randomly bump into the right
peptide. I want a molecule that will fit right onto my active site and
really turn me on. I'll send you my crystal structure if you send me yours!

#6 Gene therapy graduate. After years of producing nothing but gibberish,
I've shed my exons and ready to express my introns. All I need is a cute
vector to introduce me to the right host.

#7 My RNA, I'm sorry I misread your UAAUAAUAA and inserted three tyrosine's
when you repeatedly asked me to stop. Something got lost in the translation.
Please forgive me.

#8 Naked DNA with sticky ends seeks kanamycin-resistant plasmid. EcoR1 sites

#9 Uninhibited virus seeks reason to make me shed my protein coat.

#10 This very selective oligonucleotide has been probing for just the right
target for long-term hybridization.

#11 Mature cells seeks same who still enjoys cycling and won't go apoptotic
on me. Let's fight senescence together!

#12 I'm a prolific progenitor with great potential for growth
and self-renewal. Call me if you're a potent hematopoietic factor who still
believes in endless nights of colony stimulation.

#13. I don't always express myself of the surface, but I'm looking for a
signal that you appreciate my complexity. Send me the right message that
will penetrate my membranes, turn on my protein expression and release my
potential energy.