Sunday, June 04, 2006

No Ladies Joiner, Thank you.

Man, I'm definitely behind on the bayblab.
But since Anonymous got to post his travel pics I get to too.
Things here are great and I have lots of cool pics but I figured that they aren't bayblab material. Instead I have the more interesting ones.
Like Ronald McDonald giving a wei (Thia greeting) in Bangkok:

I also really enjoy the engrish around here, but here's a pic of my all time favorite:

If you find yourself wondering what that means it just means that you have no idea how large the prostitution industry is here. ie translation:"no hookers please."

Pimp my double decker bus:

They have some MAD paintjobs. Some are seriously very well done. Not very tasteful mindyou. (how's about that visibility through the windshield.)

A buddist monks life is full of meditation. Praying to budda and not eating between noon and dawn the following day. Praying has become much easier now for the monk on the move, however, now you can just call him on your cell.

Hope all is well in the bay. I'll try to post again.


Bayman said...

Ha. The cellphone is all good and well but we all know mastering the blackberry is the final stage on the path to enlightenment. Keep sending those high-qual high-res pics! Don't worry, there's no prostitutes turning tricks at your lab bench...yet...

Kamel said...

I just read that Thailand is re-allowing Canadian beef to cross it's borders... bet you can't wait for an Albert AAA hamburger.

Anonymous Coward said...

Reminds me of the Berbers that I saw in Morocco that were "roaming" with their cellphones, on top of camels, in the middle of the desert...