Monday, January 22, 2007

Science blogger a career?

A sure sign any geek can make it on ;) , some guy named "Bora Zivkovic" was so sick of experiments not working, he quit before writing his thesis and did full-time blogging. He was burnt out and unmotivated (sounds familiar?). Now finally realises blogging is not really a career, begs to be accepted back in a lab while crying himself to sleep every night (he studies circadian rythms). However he got something out of it: he wrote a book about the best writing in science blog in 2006, which fails to mention the bayblab, but probably earned him more than his stipend. From the nature news article: "For almost three years, I didn't write my dissertation. I recently went back to it and read it. Oh my God, how could I write like this? Such dry science-ese! I now write much better. Three years of writing a blog really improves your writing.". My thesis is gona kick ass then.


Bora Zivkovic said...

Oh, the experimens worked great! And no begging to get back in the old lab. Just finish writing up the thesis, turning it into 4 kick-ass papers (and a review afterwards), and continuing with a postdoc. I did not think the Nature article intended to make the story look so dim.

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