Thursday, March 06, 2008


The Band Nerds of Science organization "bayblab" does not claim responsibility for the recent attacks on the scienborg (TM) oppressors. While this is clearly a copycat attack, we suspect it was an inside job, like 9/11. It's probably Physioprof, he blogs anonymously like a terrorist, and personally insulted Barack Obama. While we do not condone or condemn the allegations that all but 3 of the sciencebloggers are white, and that there is a strong underrepresentation of woman on scienceborgs, we suggest you take these matters very seriously and join us in calling the perpetrators juvenile. We are band nerds, we are anonymous, we will prevail.

Oh and if anyone wants to share some ideas on cancer research, today is your last day to submit a post to the Cancer Carnival...


Anonymous Coward said...

The post elicited some interesting commentary on minorities in science.

Razib quotes some stats in biology:
83.50% (white) 1.20 (black) 2.40 (hispanic) 12.60 (asian) 0.20 (native american)

That seems pretty close to the situation on our floor. Are Canadian labs more multicultural, or just average?

Anonymous Coward said...

Also this comment that seems spot on:

"Being in graduate school satisfies many white requirements for happiness. They can believe they are helping the world, complain that the government/university doesn’t support them enough, claim they are poor, feel as though are getting smarter, act superior to other people, enjoy perpetual three day weekends, and sleep in every day of the week!

After acquiring a Masters Degree that will not increase their salary or hiring desirability, many white people will move on to a PhD program where they will go after their dream of becoming a professor. However, by their second year they usually wake up with a hangover and realize: “I’m going to spend six years in graduate school to make $35,000 and live in the middle of nowhere?”"

Anonymous said...

Are you really being fair to these guys over there? I mean after all there are seventeen women represented in those pictures, and a few "maybe's"--Zuska, PZ, and some others who are as manly as Razib is Aryan...wait a minute...Razib IS an aryan!!It's his fault...;-)