Monday, May 26, 2008

How Good Scientists Go Bad

The armies of unreason, whether they be deniers, cranks or quacks, often trot out MDs and PhDs to bolster their arguments. Some of them are doctors or scientists with dubious credentials, but sometimes these are competent (or better!) scientists who have made real contributions to their field. We've covered a few of these examples before. ERV has an explanation of how the transition is made from scientist to crackpot in a post entitled When Good Scientists Go Bad: How Kooks are Made.

UPDATE: Orac expands on ERV's post


Dominic (aka Dr. B) said...

I remember an interesting moment....a PhD candidate was once asked what was the difference between Translation and Transcription...her answer? "It is the same thing". Also, a MSc candidate was once asked why she did not use tips with her Pipetman....her answer? "What are tips?". MSc or PhD is, unfortunately, a title that does not necessarily guarantee competence!

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