Friday, March 20, 2009

Dr. Robert Sapolsky on sexuality

Ran into this couple of Human Behavioral Biology lectures by Stanford's Dr. Robert Sapolsky. It's pretty '100' level, but it's a very non-technical introduction in to some of the fascinating aspects of sexual evolution and their implications for human sexuality. The lack of detail, some evolutionary psychology and the pace of information can be a bit annoying in parts but it is quite a ride. It's like he is trying to cram in all the most interesting stuff into two lectures. Now I know why women seem to like perfume more than men, and about the evolution of manogamy. While it's two videos, don't bother watching, you can just listen. They are also very long so if you are interested, so be prepared for listening to them in a couple of sessions. Here on boingboing. Video1. Video 2.


Andy Holroyd said...

Thanks for the link, I've passed it on. Education and humour are utterly complementary and good teaching like this is good to see.

eula_w said...

Will check that link you have shared in here. Be back soon to read more.

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