Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Avalanche Testing

Here's a quick video on how to test the snowpack for the presence of avalanche conditions. And here's another quick video on some of the basic science behind avalanches hosted by Bob McDonald of the CBC (warning: this footage is OLD.)
Another video with some avalanche information including your chance of survival should you get caught in an avalanche.
Here is an AMAZING video from a skier wearing a helmet camera getting caught in an avalanche. He is buried alive. If you watch this whole video without fast forwarding it will disturb you, but it is definitely worth it.
This video makes me think that this snowboard season I should take up skootching (aka cross-country snowboarding) to avoid the mountains and the associated avalanche dangers.


Snowboard Holidays said...

Wow the fact that avalanches kill 60 Americans per year is astounding. I expect I would collapse from fear if all that snow came hurtling towards me.

Skiing Holidays France said...

Yes indeed this will certainly be scary.