Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CCRG doctor finally busted

Those of you who have followed the saga of foul-mouthed, vitamin-peddling quack extraordinaire "Dr Hope" who runs the "Canadian Cancer Research Group" which despite the name has yet to show any proof that their expensive miracle alternative treatment has any benefit to cancer patients, will find solace in the recent news that the only doctor working at that "clinic" will most likely have his license suspended:

"According to the document released Wednesday, O'Shea is also accused of failing to properly gain consent from patients, failing to examine patients before prescribing treatment or medication and failing to communicate with patients' primary health care providers.

O'Shea is scheduled to appear at the College of Physicians and Surgeons' Toronto headquarters Jan. 26. If he is found to have violated professional standards, O'Shea could lose his license to practise medicine and face a fine of up to $35,000."

Now only Bill remains to be taken down, and we know the competition bureau is on the case, but it is much harder since he is not a physician. Too bad he is quick to threaten everyone with lawsuits yet wont defend himself by returning calls from the Ottawa Citizen...


Anonymous said...

$35000. MAX?
I suspect he will still end up ahead financially, even if forced into early retirement.