Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Of Alcohol and Intelligence

Over at Gene Expression, Razib Khan has done a quick analysis of alcohol consumption demographics. In one chart, he shows a correlation between alcohol consumption and vocabulary. As a dipsomaniac and sot, this comes as no surprise. He writes:
I was expecting it. That is, that the more intelligent, who scored high on a vocabulary test, would drink more than the dumb, who scored low. Look at the other correlates above. But I’ve rarely seen such a stark near-monotonic trend with Wordsum.
I mean, just look at Hemingway. But Razib also warns about findings like these:
Anyway, just be careful of studies extolling the virtues of alcohol unless they control for confounds. It’s just a fact that stupid people tend to die earlier, because they often make life decisions in keeping with their nature.


Anonymous Coward said...

Is there any correlation with the type of alcohol being drunk, like say cognac or champaign versus bud light or moonshine?