Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogger is evil

The Pepsigate scandal over at scienceblogs is starting to look pretty harmless in comparison to the recent news that google, which owns blogger.com on which the bayblab is hosted, is an enemy of net neutrality. I encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the concept of net neutrality if you already are not, but basically the internet as we know it today is founded on this concept of network neutrality. A proposal from Google and Verizon would enable the creation of a tiered internet meaning that large established sites could pay ISPs for better connections. An article in Wired has one of the best summaries of the situation that I have read. Since this Google/Verizon proposal is in conflict with Google's previous stance on net neutrality and, depending on your view, breaks their famous motto, "don't be evil" I am even less inclined to trust the internet giant. Currently this is just a proposal and it is possible the FCC will be able to assert new powers to swart this plan and Obama has stated he is commited to net neutrality. However the fact that these two companies with somewhat competing interests came together on an agreement will make it more difficult and has revealed their true intentions.
Here in Canada the situation is a bit better, however, I'm sure that as usual changes in US policy will directly affect us here.
This, on top of the privacy issues with google, mean that personally I'm no longer considering an android phone and am going to start moving away from a recently created gmail account in a fairly lame attempt at a protest. This protest will be so lame that the bayblab won't be going anywhere.


Anonymous Coward said...

As a protest I'll be posting only half as much. Take that Google!