Sunday, December 19, 2010

Economist view of academics

An article in The Economist presents a depressing view of doctoral degrees. I also consider myself underemployed, partly by choice. Unfortunately the article doesn't address the view that I have and I think that many other graduate students must have. I really enjoyed my extended time as a student, the work and the lifestyle. Also, the statistics reported in the article about the number of jobs for PhDs actually seems better than I had estimated from my experience as a graduate student.


gawp said...

It's a grim article, but it is after all the Economist and they're looking at it from an economic perspective.

There are other, less quantifiable elements to take into account in terms of career path. I've noted that those with advanced degrees tend to get more autonomy and more interesting problems to work on.

Given a choice between more money and a better job, I'll take a better job any day.

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