Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Recycling aka being responsible and aware

So it's my pet peeve when people don't recycle. I know that it's my problem and not theirs. I just find I can forgive arrogance or ignorance but not recycling is just a bad combination of both. There was some discussion, round the bay, about what is the point of recycling if a large portion ends up in a landfill. Well, the point is to supply free material to someone to find a profitable use for it. Case in point.
It was also said that recycling is exploitation of poorer nations because we simply ship it there for their dumps and ruin their environment. Which of course is bull, and it still doesn't make it better for you to throw your bottle or your paper in the garbage. Besides those Chinese are industrious and smart and will have the last laugh for the cheap material we will send to them. Check it out.
Anyways I'm still going to be the loser who will take paper out of the trash and make a fuss.


Bayman said...

Sounds like we should leave recycling to the Chinese and not even bother at all. In fact, why even bother with blue boxes and all that nonsense? Sorting trash ourselves is a waste of time. We should just throw everything in those good old green Glad bags and ship it on over to China. They could probably find a way to use all our organic waste, and probably even the garbage bags too.