Monday, June 25, 2007

Introducing: bayblab definitions

schmer·oid (smîr'oid', směr'-) n. : Aggregate of cells, that vaguely ressembles a sphere, resulting from mistreating your tissue culture. They are thought to have mystical powers to differentiate into anything, including brain, kidney, ipod or a rock, provided you pray to the right gods. But mostly, they are just balls of cells. If you count them, sometimes you can be rewarded with a cell paper or a microscope-induced headache.

functional definition:
-ability for self-denial
-ability to solve differential equations

see also: transit-pimping cells, commited prudo-genitals and terminally disoriented cells.


Anonymous said...

good old schmeroids!! I'll have to be sure to refer to mine using this term!! Thanks you cleared up a lot of nomenclature confusion!

Anonymous Coward said...

Not to be confused with hemroids, which are another type of cellular balls that can be a pain in the ass.