Saturday, September 29, 2007

Marky Mark & QuickClot

I just saw the movie "Shooter". It's OK for a no brainer. I noticed, as it was probably product placement, that our hero, played by Mark Wahlberg, uses a package labelled QuikClot to stop the bleeding of a serious gunshot wound. I checked it out and it is a real product and apparently it works. Check out a pretty graphic demonstration of QuikClot on a pig.
The disappointing thing is that it's not very hightech. I thought it would contain some recombinant clotting factor or something but instead it works by concentrating clotting factors already in the blood by sequestering water. This does eliminate the problem of immune reaction and probably makes it have better shelf life, but it's just not as cool.
I read some medic blogs that suggested the stuff really isn't that good and causes quite an exothermic reaction when placed on an open wound. And there are similar products out there. The manufacturers website suggests that it is used in Iraq by the U.S. military.


Anonymous said...

The product got into the movie because the technical advisers researched current teechnologies and found QuikClot(r) brand hemostatic agent as a leader in the field. The company did not pay for placement. The exothermic reaction in the original prouct is not in subsequent generations. QuikClot Sport is available at, as is the antimicrobial QuikClot Sport Silver.
You're right - it's not recombinant technology, nor is it bovine thrombin, and it will not cause any allergic reactions, nor does one have to be concerned with BSE or any other blood born pathogens.
Ray Huey
Z-Medica Corporation
Manufacurer of the QuikClot(r) brands of hemostatic agents
"Stops Bleeding Cold"

Bayman said...

Nor has they bayblab recieved any financial compensation for featuring this product.

Thanks for the perspective Ray. It's pretty awesome that you guys make such kick-ass products that you don't even need to waste money on advertising. I wish other companies would follow Z-Medica's lead and focus on maker better products rather than wasting time trying to brainwash people into buying shitty stuff.

Personally I'd like to order a case of this QuikClot. We science geeks like to have a lot of first-person shooter LAN parties, and the action can get pretty intense...

Anonymous said...

Be glad to send you a sample or two of our new poducts. Tell me how.

Kamel said...

That would be great, and thanks for the interest in the blog. It's always great when we get feedback from the people/companies we comment on.

Drop us a line at our email address ( and we can send you a mailing address (rather than posting it publicly on the blog).