Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Favourite cell lines & Cedarlame

I was curious as to what were the most popular cell lines. Personally I'm a big Hela cell fan. They are ubiquitous and you don't have to worry about Hela cell contamination of your Hela cells. Many key experiments were done in Hela cells so it doesn't feel like you are using a random cell line where cell line specific artifacts are unimportant.
Any other nominations for favourite cell lines?
I sent an email to ATCC asking for a "Top Ten most popular cell lines" and they replied with a LAME response:

Dear Rob:

I am writing from Cedarlane Laboratories, which is now the exclusive
distributor of ATCC products within Canada. Your query regarding top ten
cell lines from the ATCC has been forwarded to us.

ATCC cannot provide the information that you have requested because it
is proprietary.

Thank you,


Anonymous Coward said...

Lets compile our own list! My favorite cell lines are:

1)MA-10. It's a mouse leydig tumour cell line. I like it because it's been well studied as a steroid responsive cell line. It's a good model line if you're into promoter studies / chromatin / steroid receptors.
2) ES-2. It's a human ovarian cancer cell line. I like it because it makes tumours fast in nudes. It's also very hardy.
3) 293. Perfect for transfection / virus work.
4)Hela. It seems to be a positive control for everything.
5)The entire NCI60 panel. Awesome ressource...

Anonymous Coward said...

Some comonly used cell lines according to mollecular biology of the cell:

3T3 fibroblast (mouse)
BHK21 fibroblast (Syrian hamster)
MDCK epithelial cell (dog)
HeLa epithelial cell (human)
PtK1 epithelial cell (rat kangaroo)
L6 myoblast (rat)
PC12 chromaffin cell (rat)
SP2 plasma cell (mouse)
COS kidney (monkey)
293 kidney (human); transformed with adenovirus
CHO ovary (chinese hamster)
DT40 lymphoma cell for efficient targeted recombination (chick)
R1 embryonic stem cells (mouse)
E14.1 embryonic stem cells (mouse)
H1, H9 embryonic stem cells (human)
S2 macrophage-like cells (Drosophila)
BY2 undifferentiated meristematic cells (tobacco)

Bayman said...

I gotta say 293T must be the best all around performer in terms of utility. Grow like weeds, tough to kill, infectable by most viruses, wicked transfection, overexpression, great for producing lentiviruses. Grow in suspension or adherent culture. These cell will pretty much do anything a molecular biologist could ask for.

Ben Ferguson said...

No A549 love? I'm a lung guy. What can I say?

Rob said...

I recently finished some experiments with A549. Their reliable. Lots of published data. Solid. but no Hela.

Kamel said...

My bias is towards R1 or MEF cells, simply because I like knockouts better than siRNA experiments (and those two cell types are my bread and butter).

For an all-purpose cell I have to back 293Ts for the reasons already listed.

Anonymous said...

I don't do cell culture, but for me the obvious choice has to be 10T1/2 (or, more fully C3H/10T1/2, clone 8).

The gene I work on (everyone's favourite regulated gene), MyoD was first isolated using that cell line.

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