Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Quote of the day from Judah Folkman

A pediatric surgeon in Boston just finished
a difficult operation. To relax, he went to the Charles River and sat
down on a bench. Suddenly, he heard cries of ‘Help! Help!’ and saw
a person drowning. The surgeon jumped into the river and pulled
the person to safety. He lay exhausted on the banks of the river and
again heard, ‘Help! Help! ’ He glanced at the river and saw another
person drowning. Despite his exhaustion, he jumped into the river
and pulled the second drowning person to safety. Now, he was truly
exhausted and lay on the ground huffing and puffing and again
heard, ‘Help! Help! ’ He raised his head to look toward the river
and saw a third person drowning, but he also noticed two basic
researchers walking by the river. The surgeon shouted, ‘Colleagues,
you must help! This is the third drowning person in the river in one
afternoon! ’ The researchers looked at the river and then at the
surgeon and said, ‘Three people drowning in one afternoon? This
is very interesting! We’ll walk upstream to see who’s throwing
them in!’.’’


Unknown said...

That's awesome-where did you find this one?

Anonymous Coward said...

Big Red found it. it was on the Cancer Research journal.