Thursday, November 06, 2008

Patents and Graduate Students

I'm about to sign over the rights to a patent application to the institution where I am doing my graduate studies. Does anyone have experience with this? Advice?
I'm pretty sure Bayman has experience with this. (?)
I fully understand that the institution will be the full and exclusive rights holder and financial beneficiary, however, I would still like my name on the patent as the inventor so that I may refer to it in the future in job applications. Is that the default? The paper work I have in front of me seems pretty vague about such details.


ECO said...

You will almost certainly be listed as the inventor. The Assignee will be your University.

Depending on your University policy, you will likely have rights to a share in any revenue the patent brings.

They could also own the rights already, via some agreements you signed when you were admitted to the school.

My impression is that if you want to stay legal/moral, you have virtually no recourse than to cooperate.