Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nature Videos

I love Sir David Attenborough and his enormous collection of nature videos. Someone really needs to make some highlight reels of his work. If you haven't seen the Polar Bear vs Walrus scene from Planet Earth you don't know nature videos.
In any case I ran into David Attenborough's commentary on Darwin on Youtube. It's part of Nature Videos, which I had not heard of before. Check out the NatureVideos Youtube channel for some more David Attenborough goodness, as well as some other stuff that I haven't checked out yet.


Bayman said...

I like how the freaking gulls get front rows seats and first dibs on the leftovers, in total safety but feet away from a starving bear.

Dude that was a sad movie. Why didn't you warn me? My keyboard is drowning in tears.