Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is Bayman Going to Get the Swine Flu?

64...current number of laboratory confirmed cases of flu strain H1N1 (most nonlethal) reported worldwide in the last week or so. Should I be scared? That's 64/6,706,993,152. Is that a lot? I dunno. What's normal for this time of year? I bet you could find 64/6,706,993,152 people who are postive for anything if you tried hard enough.


Anonymous Coward said...

maybe you should take the online test

Bayman said...


jgarlough said...

Nice online test!

Like the boy who cried wolf, I'm starting to get tired of all of this pandemic stuff. Lately it seems that every year or two there is some new pandemic and it gets depressing that the "solution" each and every time is to make more antivirals.

There's a good article here: about La Gloria, Mexico where the first recent case was discovered.

The interesting part: "local health officials finally decided to investigate in late 2008. Tests revealed that more than 60 per cent of the community of 3,000 people were infected by a respiratory disease, but officials did not confirm what the disease was."

The sad part: "efforts by the community to get the authorities to help ... led to the arrest of several community leaders and death threats against people speaking out against the [factory hog farm] operations"