Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thinking About Grad School?

Recently, the BANDIT blog had some kind words to say about us. BANDIT (Biological ANthropology Developing Investigators Troop) has lots of good career advice - how to run a meeting, how to review a manuscript, using new media in the classroom, etc. One post, in particular, (and the accompanying guide) is a must-read for people considering graduate school. While the focus is on studying biological anthropology, most of it can be generalized to other fields. It's good advice, and the kind of advice that many people don't get when considering graduate school.

What are you still doing here? Go check it out.


Julienne Rutherford said...

Hey Kamel,

Thanks so much for the great mention in this post! While BANDIT was established to serve the biological anthropology community, we welcome the participation of other scientists, particularly those in the early stages of their professional careers. The more the merrier!


Anonymous said...

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