Thursday, August 12, 2010


Scienceblogs Pepsigate led to an exodus of bloggers. Some of them maintain independent blogs (Carl Zimmer has maintained a list of their destinations). Others formed a new blogging collective: Scientopia.

If you're looking for other places for 'one-stop science blog shopping' hosts a stable of over 20 science bloggers.

There's also the Field of Science network (which Bayblab was once invited to participate in) and its group of around 20 blogs.

And of course Discover blogs and ScienceBlogs are still big players. (I've been particularly enjoying Rhett Allain's Dot Physics)

That's 5(!) solid science-blogging collectives.

And if you want some individual reads between Bayblab posts, check out:

* If Physical Books Are Dead in Five Years, How Do the Poor Find Books? Whither (or Wither?) the Library? by Mike the Mad Biologist

* The Death of Universities at Sandwalk

(hmm... books and universities both dead in 5 years?)

* Peeing in Space at Neurotic Physiology

* Are grad students professional scientists? at Genomicron (this is an ongoing discussion spanning several posts)

* Basic science: An "obstacle" to students who want to study medicine? at Respectful Insolence