Thursday, April 13, 2006

A New Kind of Science

Theoretical physicist Stephen Wolfram spent 15 years in seclusion developing what he says is a whole new apporoach to science independent of traditional mathematics. He also claims that the field he has opened up will solve most of the currently unresolved problems of sociology, physics, biology and pretty much everthing else. I'd say it's about 50/50 that he's either right or a complete lunatic. Either way, I was intrigued and nearly broke my back lugging home his 1280 page book from the library. Then, Rob found it for free on the web. So check it out, without the weight limitation, there's really no reason not to.


Anonymous Coward said...

So the kid was/is clearly a genious, but seclusion and self delusion have gotten the best of him. Apparently there is nothing novel in that book and a number of scientist working in the domain of cellular automata have denounced his "revelation", and further critisizing him for taking other poeples ideas without refencing them. nutjob, but hey Matlab is awesome.

Anonymous Coward said...

I ment mathematica

Bayman said...

At the very least I may now be addicted to doodling cellular automata.