Friday, April 21, 2006

Scientists send a letter to Harper...

60 prominent canadian scientists have sent a letter to prime minister Harper asking him to back down with the Kyoto protocol. The letter was published not surprisingly in the National Post and at the same time as Harper started making cuts with the liberal's program to comply to Kyoto. There has been an increase recently with political personalities and even scientists expressing doubts about global warming. The increased global temperature in the upper strata of the atmosphere and accumulated latent heat in the ocean is supported by a mountain of evidence, and so it is suprising to me that there is so much skepticism even with scientists about global warming ... It seems that people are still working on proving the hypothesis that human-produced greenhouse gases are the cause, or that stoping further increase of those gases will stop or revese this warming trend. But not believing in a warming seems like an extreme position. The earth has always had temperature fluctuations. The last mini ice-age was only 1000 years ago. So are they suggesting that now the temperature does not change anymore, even in the face of all the evidence to the contrary? I have also seen some scientist talking about being alienated because they did not believe and were publicly against global warming. I think one must be careful not to hear only a few dissenting voices over the buzz of the thousands that agree. I personally doubt that there is a conspiracy depriving researchers of grants for research disproving global warming. Or that these researchers are muzzled. Sometimes paranoia is a reflection of big egos, and self victimization. If this is confusing to scientist imagine to the public, who are more prone to taking the opinion of a few people rather then critically assess the available data. It reminds me of the letter by scientist that did not believe in evolution, even scientists make mistakes, we're human... Perhaps it is time that the thousands of other climate scientists send a letter to Harper. Do we need to scrutinize the latest data or the people that signed this letter?


Anonymous Coward said...

I did a quick google search on the first signature of Dr. Ian D Clark, and found out that he had worked with Mike Harris at the public policify forum that went over their blueprint agenda, while at the time holding the position of president and CEO of the council of ontario university. hmmm lets check other names...

Anonymous Coward said...

hmmm It seems most of the names can be traced back to the "Friends of Science" society. A quick search on this reveals that the website is owned by a "retired" oild industry employee. It also reveals that they have had contracts from APCO. APCO is a US lobby group with ties to the tobacco industry among other things. They are hired to "shape public opinion"...

Anonymous Coward said...

check all the fortune 500 companies with contracts to APCO

# Alaska Airlines
# American Tort Reform Association
# Association of Distributive Environmental Bodies
# Avis
# Baxter Healthcare Corporation
# British Airways
# Business Software Alliance (BSA)
# British Entertainment and Discotheque Association (BEDA)
# Cable & Wireless
# California Alliance for Energy & Economic Stability
# California Building Industry Association
# The California Endowment
# Capital One
# CGNU Insurance
# Coalition for the Modernization and Protection of America's Social Security
# Consumer Discount Campaign in Germany
# Dow Corning
# Employers' Coalition on Medicare
# Futures Group Europe
# GlobeXplorer
# Global Business Leaders Alliance Against Counterfeiting
# Government of Canada
# The government of Turkey
# Harrah's New Orleans Casino
# Immunex Corporation - Novantrone
# International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Associations
# Indonesia's Ministry of Communication and Information[10] (
# Johnson & Johnson
# Lufthansa Airlines
# Mercedes-Benz
# Merck Sharp & Dohme
# Microsoft
# National Association of Town Watch (NATW)
# New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
# Nokia
# Norilsk Nickel
# Novartis Pharmaceuticals - Glivec
# Pfizer
# Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
# Philip Morris
# Procter & Gamble LLC
# Raytheon
# Roche
# STERIS Corporation
# Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC)
# The Restaurant Association
# Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency
# STERIS Corporation
# Thames Water
# Transport & General Workers Union (T&G)
# The Vaccine Fund
# United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)
# USCS International, Inc.
# Washington Health Care Association
# World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
# WorldCom, Inc. [11] (
# Yukos Oil[12]