Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Peer to Patent

For those involved in the patenting process.
I ganked the link from the authoratative IA linkness. Seems like they are going to try some sort of social networking patenting process. I wonder how that would work in biotech as opposed to IT, which is I'm sure where they are going to try it out first.


Bayman said...

Interesting...definitely a step in the right direction. The patent field, especially in biotech, is so complicated and immersed in basic science that this sort of thing is totally necessary. The peer review system is the one that has worked best in science, so there's no reason it shouldn't work just as well for the patent process. For that matter, the easiest solution would probably to somehow integrate the publication and patenting processes. If scholarly publications qualified as a legitimate legal claim as far as the Patent Offices were concerned, the workload on both Patent Officers and scientists would be massively reduced. A lot of productive time is now being wasted in science in order to duplicate basically the same work...once for a patent, and then again for publication. The result is that the quality and efficiency of both processes suffers.