Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Firefox scholar

I am going to wet myself. This pleases both the scientist and the tech geek. Firefox Scholar logoFirefox Scholar is a set of extensions to the popular open source web browser that will:
  • Recognize and capture metadata from online objects (e.g., author, title, publication information of books)
  • Collect documents, images, and citations from the web
  • Allow materials to be sorted, annotated, and searched
The program will be free and will replace programs like EndNote, while operating completely within the browser window. A beta of Firefox Scholar will be available in the summer of 2006. Like the Firefox browser itself, Firefox Scholar will be open and extensible, allowing others who are building digital tools for researchers to expand the platform.


Kamel said...

So beta was supposed to be released this past summer. Is it out there? Has anybody tried this out?

Anonymous Coward said...

If you email them they will send it to you for testing, but there is no open beta yet...