Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nobel prize to Digg users

Of course you've all read about the nobel in med to RNAi. Probably it is deserved? Seems just a bit premature as the mechanism/function is not nailed down. However the discovery certainly is profound.
You've probably read about it on nature news or some other science source. You know that slashdot sucks when almost ALL the comments on this post were non scientific. I think this made me finally appreciate the clear superiority of digg.com. Digg actually has good user comments.
Of course Slashdot and Digg pale in comparison to bayblabs authority.


Bayman said...

The suggestion has always been around that the Nobels go to the most well connected...maybe a good way to think about this would be to compile a list who discovered something and never won the nobel, and compare it to those who did...

Kamel said...

For those interested, the original paper