Monday, February 05, 2007

Only YOU can prevent triple shotgun murders

Everybody knows the lifeblood of a graduate student is caffeine, but it's a delicate art maintaining a fine balance between productive caffeine levels and unproductive frequent bathroom breaks resulting from over consumption of coffee and Coca-cola. Now it's possible to get that buzz and the associated benefits without having to fight off PIs for the last drips from the pot. Get your fix in the shower, while encouraging the growth of a luxurious head of hair, with caffeinated soap. Better yet, a South Carolina scientist has figured out a way to bake caffeine into pastries without the associated bitter taste. Imagine if your morning routine was a double threat of a large double-double and a caffeine laden donut. So grab a buzzed bagel before hitting the gym to load up on carbs, keep you alert and ward off that post-workout muscle soreness.