Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bayblab Podcast Episode 14

The famous bayblab podcast is now full of holiday cheer and back where it belongs: at a pub! This time we discuss what's new in cancer research, talk about the psychology of quacks who sell fake stem cell remedies and reveal shocking lab tales of promiscuity in the dark room which may explain why Bayman is absent.


nosugrefneb said...

Geldanamycin is an Hsp90 inhibitor. :) Used to use it all the time in the lab when I was working with heat shock proteins.

Anonymous Coward said...

Right. I wonder how HSP90 is involved in translation elongation?

kamel said...

Yeah, I misspoke. It's gentamicin not geldanamycin used in those experiments. I guess that's why we have a no alcohol policy in the lab.