Monday, August 21, 2006

Bacteria Breath

A couple of quick links
I have always been a bit anti-organic food. I do like the idea and small farming as an alternative to commercial farming that emphasises quantitiy and not quality. However, I have worked on an organic farm where I found out that they use copper-sulphate (basically a poison that predates some rule about pesticides so you can use it and still be certified organic). Also you can't feed the world organically which makes it only a solution to rich westerners and therefore seems shortsighted. Also pesticides are constantly getting better and safer and you just can't argue with the fact that (except for maybe rising obesity) we are the healthiest humans that have ever lived on earth. Case in point about improving pesticides... granted it's a press release from UBC but finally they have developed an organic pesticide. I'm sure this is just the begining.
Also somewhat related is this lactobacillus gum for improving dental health. Imagine the lactobacillus flavour explosion!