Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gilson pipetting biopunks

I listened to the newest installment of the bayblab podcast and in addition to finding out that I care deeply about gilson pipettors, I went on about an old article in Nature. It is in the 'futures' section that is probably not around anymore. It's an inspiring read of sci-fi about biopunk and thought that it was relevant to the podcast discussion. (Picture was ganked from that article.)
Also here is a link to the kids home DNA kit that was mentioned on the podcast. (WIRED mag)


Bayman said...

For a real life biopunk manifesto from a scientist with the street cred to back it up, check out this cool article on the future of personal genome sequencing by George Church.

Liked the sci-fi article though. Anyone have any favorite biopunk sci-fi suggestions?