Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This is a teaser for the upcoming episode 13... until then don't miss episode 12 about swarm behaviour, the grooming abilities of Kamel and the ultimate guide to graduate school...


Anonymous said...

Would you boys get a haircut already?



It was fun to watch you guys.

Anonymous said...

In retaliation from moving bayblab's anti-God agenda to video I will make you click on my homepage link.

If you don't click you're going to hell full of liberals and ... (need I say more).

Bayman said...

I don't know what you're talking about "anti-God agenda". God was invited to join us for the podcast but was a no-show.

Bayman said...

The dude on the left with the sake is pretty damn bad-ass.

Kevin Zelnio said...

Dudes, wtf! Is that beer from a PLASTIC jug??? What are thinking? God, canadians can be so stupid!

It was fun to see you guys though! I'll have to work on a video blog myself.

You should all come down the NC Science Blogging Conference, here in AMERICA, where beer is drunk from GLASS!

F'in christ.

Bayman said...

Agreed KZ, the pilot system leaves much to be desired. However, the carboy's convenient tap is what makes it so appealing to me (plus it was a free product of lab cleanup day). In this respect, it did indeed serve the intended purpose, and saved me a lot of time and headaches I would have wasted on bottling. The beer didn't have any obvious plastic taste to it, so perhaps all that really matters is that you drink it out of a glass.

Perhaps the ultimate system would be a glass carboy. Getting a cheap one is another matter.

I'd also be interested in trying a tapped wooden keg or cask. Wood cask-conditioning might confer some interesting flavor as well. However my e-bay searches only turned up overpriced antique kegs. I'd consider making one myself but I'm not sure I'd trust my abilities to make it water-tight.

Bayman said...

BTW - Bayman's Nalgene Conditioned Brew will beat your serially-diluted capitalist Yankee ales any day of the week.


Kevin Zelnio said...

yeah except no one in their right mind drink that crap (lots of people here NOT in their right mind btw).

And Molson and Labatts are much better??

You need a Firkin!
You just open the hole on the top and it works by gravity.

Besides if you bottles it, you would be able to send some to your favorite bloggers... (hint hint)