Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday funnies

As somebody studying female reproduction, I can't help but agree... If this is your type of humour check out also this case report of an unusual gynecological tumour that turned out to
be an onion, courtesy of the British journal of venereal disease.


Bayman said...

Isn't it "more of us"? Unless she's a parthenogen. That dude is whipped. Cmon man, stand up and take credit for your contributions.

Anonymous said...

He is kinda whipped, but generally worth reading.

I see xkcd comics posted fairly far and wide, but rarely do people copy the ALT text. You shoudl always include the ALT(mouseover) text, because that's where the punchline is.

In this case, the ALT text is "We are sexy, sexy Von Neuman machines." which isn't technically correct, but hey...he's a math guy.

Bayman said...

Interestingly the Canadian cynic had a different take on the cartoon:
"A perfect pictorial representation of how the average Conservative views women."
This in light of Ken Epps' effort to re-criminalize abortion with his bill C-484, which parliament will vote on this upcoming Friday...