Monday, May 26, 2008

New Developments in the War on Science: Policing Your Hard Drives and the Internetz

Although he can't be bothered to discuss the issue with voting taxpayers in his own country, Canadian Industry Minister Jim Prentice has apparently joined up with an international task force (under the guise of an Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) that aims to restrict the movement of digital information between countries. We're talking potential hard drive searches at airports and wide latitude to seize information. Who knows, maybe our brains will even be scanned for copyrighted information? Better get those Metallica tunes out of your head before travelling!

Such measures are totally uncalled for and if enacted, would represent a serious impediment to the daily activities of the thousands of scientists who rely on communicating and exchanging ideas around the globe in order to do their work.

Read about this nonsense here. Michael Geist provides more in depth coverage.


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