Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Batman's Echolocation

In a bit of a stretch in an otherwise amazing film, Batman: The Dark Knight, the caped crusader uses cellphone signals to enable his own echolocation technology. It was fitting since bats use echolocation for navigation and prey location. I don't have any idea how feasible something like this would be although I would suspect highly impossible.
I just found some interesting things about echolocation.
FoxP2 is a gene that the bayblab has discussed previously, and has sequence variation and patterns of expression linked to human speech defects, the evolution of language, and vocal learning in animals. An interesting paper shows that bats have a great variation in the FoxP2 and the authors speculate this is due to selection for echolocation.
Also found some information that humans are capable of limited echolocation. Here is a older story about Ben Underwood who from what I have read is basically a bat. Here is a 'documentary' on Ben.


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