Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Darwin conspiracy

Wow this might be the stupidest set of arguments I have ever seen listed. Epic fail.

1-Mathematical formulae make up the VERIFICATION LANGUAGE of science. Formulae are the only reliable way to test a theory. Every scientific theory has a formula, except the Theory of Evolution. Darwinists have never been able to derive a working Evolution Formula because Evolution theory does not work.

2-Darwinists claim we evolved from the simplest form of bacterial life to ever more complex forms of life. The most basic bacteria had less than 500 genes; man has over 22 thousand. In order for bacteria to evolve into man, organisms would have to be able to add genes. But there is no genetic mechanism that adds a gene. (Mutations change an existing gene but never add a gene.) This means there is no mechanism for Darwinian Evolution and this is a fatal flaw in the Theory of Evolution.

3-The Theory of Evolution in a nutshell is "Survival of the fittest." But most mammals and birds give birth to helpless babies - instead of strong and fit ones. Neither Darwinism nor Neo-Darwinism can explain infantile helplessness. Every baby that is born contradicts Evolution Theory and this is a fatal flaw.




maxelondon said...

This Darwin Conspiracy site has completely changed my view on science. I now see that Darwin was a hack, and that

"Militant atheists lie about everything (must be in their DNA so they cannot help themselves, ha ha)"

and that

"God knew that there would come a Theory of Evolution and He made certain to create life on Earth in such a way that there would be major discrepancies between real life and the false theory. God is the Master of timing and this is the time He chose to bust Darwin - and this website is an agent for Him to do so"

What now, science?

Anonymous Coward said...

If god existed he would have a profile facebook.