Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Was looking at this article on the booming market for renting virtual office space for small business.

"I wanted to launch my company, but the cost of having a professional location was simply too high," says Mr. Gerochi. "This gave me the push to do it. I pay $300 a month and I can appear big-time to major clients.

"I use their reception staff -- they take all my calls -- office space, mailing service. The building address is advantageous. It's more professional than a home address and filters out unwanted solicitation. I can rent a cubicle for $15 an hour or a window office on the 57th floor at First Canadian Place in Toronto for $25 an hour instead of sitting in the food court with my laptop." He also uses the boardroom ($70/hour) to network with industry leaders."

Great way for entrepreneurs to overcome crippling infrastructure and basic staffing costs. It occurs to me that even higher infrastructure and start-up equipment costs pose a similar huge obstacle to the would-be biotech entrepreneur. Research space is like office space, except way more high-tech and costly. Rental lab space sounds like a great solution. Does your institute have any empty lab bays or equipment sitting unused? Let's see that shit up on Craigslist. Starving PhDs with great ideas are ready to put it to good use. You could even sell off those unused technical support staff people-hours. Like lunch.

Oh, cool. Apprently you can already do something like this. Like here. Not to be confused with here.


Ninjago fire temple said...

Whoah! 300$ a month. That cost a lot of money (in my part since im a student). there's nothin wrong when I dream of this right?