Monday, August 31, 2009

Personal genomics is finally here

Want to get your genome sequenced? No problem, all you need is $50,000 .... or you could wait 12 years and, if it follows Moore's law, it should cost under a $1000. Still pretty impressive:

" Illumina, Inc. today announced that it has delivered Hermann Hauser’s genome sequence. Dr. Hauser, Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd, is the first consumer to purchase Illumina’s individual genome sequencing service working with his physician, Michael Nova, MD, of Pathway Genomics. The genome was completed in Illumina’s CLIA-certified and College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited laboratory using the Genome Analyzer technology. Over 110 billion base calls were generated, delivering over 30X coverage of the genome. Data analysis showed 300K novel SNPs in the genome that have not been documented elsewhere."


Bayman said...

"I am looking forward to the information on gene variants that will give my doctors guidance on effective treatments and drug dosage based on pharmacogenetic information, for any future medical condition I may develop."... said Hauser

What science fiction movie does this guy think he's living in?

How long till he gets dropped by his insurance company?

Kamel said...

In the US, at least, the senate passed a bill last year banning the use of personal genetic information in decision making by insurance companies.