Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bayblab science literacy test

As we're about to reach our 500,000th hit, it's time to pause and look at what we have accomplished so far. So many people have been informed and entertained while looking for animal penis content on Google, so many people have tried to argue with Kamel about the efficacy of herbal supplements, we have offended, maddened, and made you laugh. If you can answer these questions right, you know what we mean:

1) Which group of animals contains many species with bifurcated penises? :
  • a) ducks
  • b) marsupials
  • c) bivalves
  • d) spiders
2) Which group is less phylogenetically related to us than to a drosophila?:
  • a) Starfish
  • b) Salamander
  • c) snail
  • d) jellyfish
3) Nematodes have how many sexes?:
  • a) male and female
  • b) male, female and hermaphrodite
  • c) female only
  • d) male and hermaphrodite
4) Regarding the evaporation rate of an ethanol:water solution:
  • a) 70% ethanol left out will eventually become pure water
  • b) a 95.6% ethanol solution will always remain just as concentrated
  • c) 70% ethanol evaporates faster than 50%
  • d) all the above are correct
5) What is the proportion of humans who produce methane in farts:
  • a) 100%
  • b) 30-50%
  • c) <10%
  • d) 0%
6) Which 4 genes are sufficient to generate an iPS cell:
  • a) c-myc, sox4, klf4, oct3/4
  • b) c-myc, nanog, lin28, fgf2
  • c) sox4, klf4, FoxP3, oct3/4
  • d) c-myc, k-ras, P53, Rb
7) which pair of species cannot interbreed:
  • a) Zebra and donkey
  • b) Plum and apricot
  • c) lion and tiger
  • d) cat and rabbit
8) Which of these mammals is not venomous:
  • a) shrew
  • b) platypus
  • c) slow loris
  • d) solenodon
9) What is the most abundant protein in humans (%weight)?:
  • a) histones
  • b) ubiquitin
  • c) collagen
  • d) albumin
10) which of these hypotheses has not been proposed on the bayblab:


Anonymous said...

These answers are without going through old posts:
Incorrect answers are an indication of the failure of the bayblab to educate and in no way reflect my ability to retain information.

Anonymous Coward said...

Not bad not bad, you pass. You're an honorary bayblab degenerate.

Bayman said...

Nice job AC. That's some classic material. I almost forgot how awesome we are...