Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Canada & Kyoto

I have to say that I actually am happy with the conservative government on the specific issue of staying in the Kyoto agreement. It sounds like Canada is being a total ass at the talks in Nairobi, however at least we are staying with it and acknowledging we can't make our targets. We suck basically. And I think we should have to pay. It's not like we aren't affluent enough and if it actually hits us in the pockets we might have some motivation to actually achieve something. Because apparently so far we haven't. As soon as the conservative government has to acknowledge that it's books aren't as good as they could have been because of carbon dioxide production perhaps they will invest in this countries future as a technology leader and not just a big oil sand.
Perhaps I'm preaching to the choir on the bayblab but maybe I'll provoke a response from some redneck in Alberta.
Disclaimer: "Redneck" was added for provocation purposes only. Rednecks are great people too (and we need them to do the actual hard work.)


Bayman said...

I can't wait until we finally do the obvious and get away from oil once and for all...there's lots of options out there, once they get the massive, sustained R&D funding committment they need maybe we'll catch up with our own technological capacity...On a positive note, there's been a lot of big shakers sounding interested in investing...biofuels etc, with the high price of gas these days. Hopefully those oil prices stay high long enough to keep R&D moving but stay low enough to prevent a total economic armageddon and world domination by Rob and his bicycling gang.

Anonymous said...
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