Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween special: scary medical instruments

The British Columbia Medical museum has an online gallery with some pictures of old medical instruments. They have 2600 items from the past 150 years. Let play a game: try to figure out what is the use of the instrument:






  1. Perforator: Holme's perforator with side grip was used for gynecology. Used as last resort for obstructed labor.
  2. Double-Clawed toothkey: dentistry.
  3. Adenotome: otolaryngology. For the excision of the adenoids.
  4. 'Smith's' type haemorrhoid clamp: proctology.
  5. 'Devilbiss' skull cutter with spring: orthopaedics.


Anonymous said...

Man I thought it said musical instruments first. I didn't know which end you are supposed to blow in. The second one is used in water boarding.

Anonymous said...

They are musical instruments, guantanamo bay rectum flutes and trumpets.

Medical Equipment Supplier said...

haha.. yeah that scary.
Patients will really breath hard when they would see such instruments in doctors hand.

Autoclave Supplier said...

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Patients will truly breath hard when they would see such instruments in specialists hand.