Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Migrating Salmon Video

Ran into this video made of individual Chinook and Steelhead Salmon smolt migration in British Columbia. These individuals are tagged before they are released as stocked salmon in the Snake and Thompson Rivers. Their movements are monitored by an impressive system called the POST array. I don't really know much about the details, however, the punch line is there is an impressive monitoring system in place for these salmon and it makes a great video. Also if you are more interested here is the paper where they have some interesting survival data like survival /100km migrated and on places with and without hydroelectric dams.


Anonymous Coward said...

check out also the TOPP website (Tagging Of Pacific Pelagic). They show real time data and timescale data of individual white sharks, tuna and other large predators. It is truly inspiring research.