Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Associated Press Going To War With The Blogosphere?

According to the New York Times. This excerpt from the article makes them sound particularly draconian:

"One goal of The A.P. and its members, she said, is to make sure that the top search engine results for news are “the original source or the most authoritative source,” not a site that copied or paraphrased the work.

The A.P. will also pursue sites that reproduce large parts of articles, rather than using brief links, and it is developing a system to track articles online and determine whether they were used legally."

Uh-oh. Am I going to get sued for that copy-paste? Well I'm not making any money off it, but since this blog is hosted by Google and indexed on their search engines, I suppose it could be argued that they are. So if the AP gets their way maybe we won't be quoting NYT in the future.

I guess the AP is betting they're the only source of reliable information with access to an internet connection. If they start doing this kind of crazy stuff, my guess is we'll soon find they were wrong. The information will keep on flowing, except the AP will find they've cut themselves out of the picture. I think that's kind of too bad because we need good journalists and organizations to employ them. But the ones we have now seem determined to screw themselves straight out of the age of new media. Is the AP on the stock market? Start selling.


Anonymous said...

I sympathize with big media, more than the music industry, but if they start suing people I will quickly lose that opinion. I appreciate good journalism and since these guys really haven't found a way to make money on the net, they can't pay for good journalism anymore.
What I hope happens is that original pieces will be written by experts, on blogs ect for basically free. The result might be news from many different sources and hopefully the quality won't suffer much. Perhaps this will also give us a less advertising revenue-biased reporting.
I think your prediction is probably correct. A slow death for old media.