Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Al Gore gets a 3.2km hardon

The European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica Has drilled and retrieved the longest ice core sample to date at 3.2km, giving us a record of the past 800 000 years. In short, the current CO2 levels are the highest ever recorded, the rate of increase is 60 times faster than the fastest CO2 buildup within those 800 000 years and every CO2 rise has been quickly followed by a warming. Another, very long nail in the coffin. Also Check out these climate-related carricatures.


Bayman said...

Maybe if we pollute the oceans more those red tide algae will clean up the CO2 for us.

Anonymous said...

CO2 and temperature covary in the EPICA ice core, we cannot say with certainty whether CO2 leads or lags temperature yet.