Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fortune telling through science

It seems anti-aging research is getting a lot of press recently with the announcement that the co-founder of Paypal is teaming up with the infamous Aubrey De Grey to match the funds of the Mathuselah prize. Whoever gets his mice to live longest gets the 3.6 M$ jackpot. The evil scientists on their tropical island are collectively rejoicing. Then this paper comes out on PNAS saying that by analyzing every biomarker under the sun you can guess how long you'll live. It seems to me we could use those markers to breed super-mice. I for one welcome our immortal mice overlords. If you are interrested, those are the rules: "The rejuvenation prize deals with peer-reviewed studies involving at least 40 animals, 20 treated and 20 control. Treatment may begin only at mid-life, and the average lifespan of the 10% longest living treated animals is used for the record. As of 2005, this record stood at 1356 days (about 3.7 years); the treatment was calorie restriction."


Anonymous said...

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