Friday, September 29, 2006

Bet on Nobels

Each year Thompson Scientific, better known for updating impact factors of journals, makes a prediction on possible Nobel Laureates based on their citation counts. They've proven to be quite successful in the past. This year they have for medecine the discoverers of homologous recombination, nuclear hormone receptors, and DNA fingerprinting. And it's a tight race, just look at the polls:
34% - Chambon, Evans, Jensen
33% - Capecchi, Evans, Smithies
33% - Jefferys
So which are you putting your money on?


Bayman said...

So I there a Nobel prize in Negative Results?

Rob said...

I vote for the bay to win the Ignobel.

Anonymous Coward said...

1-Be a citation whore

Kamel said...

Pff... this is bogus. It's been well documented and published that the best predictor of Nobel Prize winners is astrological sign.

Bayman said...

Perhaps an analysis of the correlation between ISI score and zodiac sign would be even more informaitive and get those p values down.

Anonymous said...

I'm putting my money on Janet Rowley at the University of Chicago. Maybe not this year, but within the next few years for sure.

Anonymous said...

Americans Andrew Fire and Craig Mello won the 2006 Nobel prize for medicine on Monday for their groundbreaking discovery of how to "silence" genes, which has opened up potential new paths to treating disease.