Friday, February 16, 2007

Aubrey De Gray is still alive

Aubrey keeps on coming up on my internet searches and he, annoyingly, must be getting money. Check out the SENS (strategies for engineered negligable senescence) website where they link to their scientific journal that is included in the pubmed database, Rejuvenation Research. EMBO published a revealing debate in 2005 both pro-Aubrey and anti-Aubrey. The anti-Aubrey article sums up my feelings on the debate quite well whereas the article by Aubrey de Gray speaks mostly about why there is resistance to his ideas on a political level, not much on a scientific level. Good stuff.


Anonymous Coward said...

PWNED: " If de Grey believes that he has a good strategy to reverse the ageing process, he should devise a detailed plan for testing his ideas, and then, like the rest of us, convince sponsors that his project deserves funding. If he and his colleagues produce scientific evidence that some aspects of ageing can be reversed by a judicious mixture of phenacyldimethylthiazolium chloride, marker-tagged toxins and IL-7, we promise that we will be impressed."

Bayman said...

I actually checked out the link to de Grey's SENS conference website. All the talks are recorded and PPT slide are available. I was suprised to find that the site contains one of the best collections of interesting talks from mainstream, established researchers (ie Bruce Ames, Judith Campisi and Doug Gray) I have come across on the web. The context of the conference I think forces some really smart people to present their research in a creative way rather than spout the same conformist rhetoric you get at a lot of scientific talks. Sounds like a fun conference.

Dr. Leonid Gavrilov, Ph.D. said...

Thank you for your interesting post!
I thought perhaps you may also find this related story interesting to you:
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Anthony Andrews said...

For me the jury is out, but when someone says "What we can reasonably expect from research" well, that makes me laugh. By their very nature, the results from transformational research do not look reasonable until after the fact.