Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Video Games Make You a Good Surgeon

Ok, so now studying for a med school exam is just no longer a valid reason for not coming to LAN parties. Apparently, playing video games makes you a better surgeon. No word on which games are the best practice for surgery, but I'm guessing Call of Duty and anything on the Wii are right up there. I'm sure they'll have Wii surgery eventually, although I don't see them ever being as much fun as those crazy Japanese games.


Anonymous said...

surgery next week therefore...COD this weekend anyone?

Anonymous Coward said...

done and done :
Trauma Center, Second Opinion.
Atlus' popular surgery simulation title for the Nintendo DS expands to the Nintendo Wii for the sequel. Utilizing the unique controller, Second Opinion will offer the same style of emergency room thrills found on the handheld with drastically improved visuals.

Bayman said...

cool so next LAN party we can blow the crap out of each other then repair our wounds in the trauma center

Kiara said...

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