Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Don Cherry lobbies for natural product in Canada

Apparently Cold-FX works according to Health Canada. Clinical trials do exist that strongly suggest that Cold-FX, a ginseng derived therapy, prevents and cures colds and flu. Health Canada has given it a natural product number and therefore has approved it's claims as stated on the bottle. CV-technologies, the company that pimps Cold-FX, had a massive stock price jump upon the news of the approval. Don Cherry, once up for 'best Canadian of all time' or something like that, pimps for Cold-FX (and Quiznos) and according to this article I just read perhaps physically intimidated Stephen Harper (link to info on his podcast) into issuing the natural product number to Cold-FX and CV-technologies. Awesome.
CV-technologies also has Remember-FX, which apparently also has passed muster on a clinical trial, although I can't find it.


Liz Wetterhahn said...

Have you ever tried cold-fX? I keep a bottle of it in my drawer because everyone I work with SWEARS by it. I think it's great that Health Canada is backing it (I know I'm more convinced when an established regulatory committee stands behind the effects of any medication), and I think it really speaks to how effective Cold-fX is...

Rob said...

I find that the placebo effect is greatly enhanced by regulatory approval.
I would be much more comfortable with Health Canada backing it if there wasn't this illegal lobbying associated with it. I think that speaks to how shady Cold-fX is.
Perhaps I distrust Health Canada's motive in approving the first of it's kind from a Canadian company. Especially one with Don Cherry as an enforcer.