Monday, August 06, 2007

Bayblab podcast Episode11-part1of2

On this episode we talk about recent findings regarding p53 in aging which drastically change the balance between cancer and senescence, we talk about the implication of the reversibility of Rett syndrome and finally Bayman reports on the 3rd international conference on synthetic biology. With special musical guest Kevin Z.


Kevin Zelnio said...

Thanks for playing my song on your podcast! The synthetic biology stuff is real out there man! Let me know when you can make a shrimp from scratch. I'll eat it and write a review.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including Rett Syndrome on your podcast! My 6 year old daughter has Rett. Regarding your conversation about some people not wanting these advances in genetic cures to continue, I did run across a blog of a group of high functioning autistic people who were very upset about the mouse models and the study that reversed Rett in mice. They felt that society wanting to "cure" people with autism was a slap in their faces. I communicated to them that unlike them, my daughter cannot communicate at all. She cannot walk, talk and has lost complete use of her hands. She appears to know things and will gaze at things in relation to what I'm saying to her. She does laugh and interact with others. However, she is completely "locked in" ,so to speak, her body. I think it is important for these studies to continue and for autistic individuals to have a choice in whether they would like a "cure". If they are happy the way they are, then fine. Don't choose to have the treatments (once they become available). However, right now my daughter's condition is so severe, she doesn't have a way of communicating a choice. Therefore, I think it is important for these Rett girls, who are so severely affected by this genetic condition, that this research continue and eventually be available to them. I celebrate genetic research and say Thank You to those who care enough to pursue it!

Anonymous said...

See? You have more than one fan. Maybe even three.

Thanks for the shoutout too. I'm famous now. This is going on my CV.